This description should point out the main things the character does.


Species: Twi’lek, Human, Chiss, etc.
Gender: Male, Female, etc.
Age: A number in years goes here.
Height: feet and inches, please
Build: thin, athletic, plump, etc.
Physical Description: This would be the place to put scars, hair, or eye color. Please, don’t put anything here that is not a physical aspect of your character

Dexterity: This has to do with the character’s nimbleness. How quickly can he or she move. In particular, is your character fast on his feet or nimble with her fingers?

Perception: This has to do with both how your character is perceived and how well he or she perceives others. For instance, is she good at lying or good at taking charge.

Knowledge: This encompasses all knowledge, from languages, to history, to politics, to survival. What categories of knowledge is your character good at?

Strength: This has to do with the physical strength of your character. Can she lift a lot of weight or maybe she can run for a long time? Is he a good hand to hand fighter? Answer that here.

Mechanical: Write here what your character builds or operates well. A fighter pilot needs to talk about that here, and swoop racers need to talk about that here, too.

Technical: Computers and technology

Force Skills:

General Equipment:


Brief backstory:



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